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Welcome to the Prompt Studio docs!

Prompt Studio is a collaborative no-code platform for teams building LLM-powered apps, tools and assistants.

It's a fully managed backend were you can quickly build and deploy AI tools as shareable prototypes or integrate them via our API into existing software. Prompt Studio makes it easy to integrate LLMs into your application by fully decoupling app development and prompt engineering.

Under Construction

The documentation for Prompt Studio is currently under construction. If you have any questions about how Prompt Studio works you can reach us in our discord, or you can send us an email at [email protected].


  • Assistants coming soon AI that finds out how to solve a problem using tools and context.
  • Tools: Tools are automation for specific tasks, e.g. running a checklist on a document.
  • Instructions: Instructions tell the AI what to do, several instructions can be assembled into a tool.
  • Files: A file is a piece of text that you can pass to instructions, e.g. a legal contract to analyze.
  • Knowledge Bases: A collection of files that can be provided as context to an assistant or tool. The assistant / tool will pick the most relevant parts of the knowledge base to solve specific queries.


Provider Agnostic

Connect to LLMs from Mistral, Meta, Anthropic and OpenAI, switch between language models at any time.

Instructions with Batteries Included

Don't worry about context length, we can run instructions optimized for different use cases, from document analysis to summarization, we provide you with the tools you need out of the box. If you want total control, you can still build your own custom instructions.

No Code Editor

Our no-code editor and tailored instructions let you use LLMs without the need to code.

Shareable Previews

Turn your AI tools and assistants into shareable previews for your colleagues

API Deployments

Prompt Studio is a fully-managed LLM backend that allows you to deploy your AI tools in an instant. We'll take care of infrastructure, scaling and maintenance for you.

Use Cases

LLMs excel in tasks such as personalized customer service, efficient data analysis and synthesis, automating complex workflows, and providing intuitive interfaces for human-machine interaction. Below are some of the things you can build with Prompt Studio:

  • Document Processing (unstructured text to structured data)
  • Retrieval + Q&A
  • Quick prototyping of AI workflows
  • Conversational Systems