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A prompt is a text input that you provide to a language model to achieve a specific result. With a prompt, your task is to help the LLM understand what you're trying to achieve so that it can generate coherent and correct output. A good prompt should be structured to provide context and guidance to the model allowing it to generate a meaningful response. Prompts are constrained by the context length of the large language model used. You can find more about LLMs here.

In Prompt Studio, prompts are used by instructions.

Writing good prompts has become a domain of its own and there are many resources out there on how to write better prompts, a good place to start is the prompt engineering guide.

Meta Prompts

A meta prompt is a prompt used to generate other prompts that perform well at specific tasks. Meta prompts usually provide some framework or format that the language model will follow when creating prompts given some user instructions.