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Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between ChatGPT and Prompt Studio?

In ChatGPT, you are chatting with the AI. This means that the problems you're solving are framed in a conversation with the AI and the AI is keeping track of the history of prompts that you ask it. Usually, ChatGPT is used for one time fixes, you type what you need, you get help and you're done. But imagine if the problem you're solving does not need a chat? What if you want to solve a problem that you encounter every single day at work and you want to combine LLM prompts to build a solution that you can re-use and re-use every day at work? If you use ChatGPT, you would have to write the same prompt everyday inside a chat. And if it's a great prompt that solves something that your colleagues need as well, they would need to copy-paste your prompt inside their chatGPT as well. That's when you need Prompt Studio. You can create a Recipe, write your instructions and Voilà! You have your own "app"! Do you want to share it with your colleagues? Click on preview and generate a shareable UI which is a web application based on the logic you build in your recipe! And if your team wants this AI solution to be part of a customer facing application that your company, just click on "API" and let us do the work for you, within literally seconds, your AI solution is available through our API for the engineers in your team to integrate with the codebase of your company!